Golfo di Barbatoja - Fetovaia - Campo nell’Elba

Fetovaia beach, with its fine and pristine granite sand, is considered by many to be the most beautiful beach on the island. Located on the Gulf of Barbatoja, it offers nature lovers a beach where they can enjoy rare sea daffodils (Pancratium maritimum) native to Elba, crystal clear waters that were once a favourite calving destination for small whales and dolphins, as well as the famous headland where all the scuba divers of the island gather. Rising behind Fetovaia Bay is Monte Capanne (1050 mt), the mountain range is protected inside the Archipelago National Park, whose many footpaths are very popular among trekking lovers.
With its deep bay protected by the famous "point", an 800 metre spit, this beach is home to an assortment of the most classic mediterranean plant life including pine, mastic, heather and strawberry trees.
The crystal clear waters offer an unobstructed view of the seabed as it gradually deepens beneath your feet, leading into the horizon.

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