Beach and Bistrot

The beach resort was launched in the 1960´s on Fetovaia beach, in the Barbatoja gulf. This is also known as the bay of the dolphins in love, since it is said that dolphins once used to come here to give birth. The shallow waters and the warm temperature provided these mammals — still roaming close to the Point — with a comfortable spot in those delicate moments. These same reasons make Fetovaia beach a safe environment for families and children too, not only offering granite sand and crystal clear water, but also gradually deepening seashore lacking strong currents.

The tourist season at the Barbatoja Beach Resort starts in April and ends in October. Our Restaurant-Bistrot on the beach allows you to enjoy top quality food and drinks on the beach from the morning to the evening:

  • Breakfast - homemade pastries and fresh fruit salads
  • Lunch/Dinner - table-serviced à la carte menu, raw seafood, fried fish, meat, pastas and salads. Fish and meat is also cooked through a multi-level grill with charcoal barbecue
  • Aperitivo dj set from 5.30 to 10 PM - international cocktails are matched with oysters, snacks and great music. Aperitivo can then be turned into an informal dinner, with our chef preparing a selection of our specialties.

At Barbatoja, we like to be part of local traditions. This is why when in the summer 2019 we decided to open a new bistort on the beach, we asked local craftmen to help us building it using materials typical of the Tuscan tradition: marine wood, chestnut, bamboo and jute canvases. We built it surrounded by a wide bower, which can host up to 150 guests in a pleasant ventilated environment. The bistro is comprised of two parts: the counter, where café and bar services are offered throughout the day, and the kitchen, where lunch, dinners and aperitif snacks are carefully prepared.